ARISSA – Cost Management Solutions

ARISSA – Cost Management Solutions

73% Savings

on average on implantable medical devices.

With workers’ compensation charges making up more than 50% of an average surgical bill, the industry is facing a daunting challenge. Outdated and ineffective reimbursement cost management models fail to account for the complexity and nuance of claims involving surgical implants. Discover a new way of determining appropriate implant reimbursement with ARISSA.




Why Arissa?
Arissa provides one of the industry’s premier implant cost management solutions. Surgical procedures containing orthopedic fixation, spinal fusion and pain management devices are rigorously evaluated by engaging six key savings and reduction modules. The result significantly lowers costs and clear visibility into facility physician and manufacturer trends that inform medical managers.

Bill Review Excellence

We strive to maximize savings and help our clients realize true cost containment solutions using technology and people who love what they do:

Arissa works to make workers’ compensation affordable through our medical bill review program.
Our advanced approach to medical bill review and bill negotiation results in better savings and better results:

  • Bill review savings that can reach or exceed 60% of billed charges
  • National Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network and savings
  • Fee schedule and jurisdictional adjustments
  • Out of network bill review
  • Usual, customary and reasonable review
  • Line item coding review and rebundling of charges
  • Professional nurse review
  • Duplicate bill detection
  • Expedited bill turnaround times

PPO Networks

Ariss PPO access includes over 850,000 physicians nationwide. The extensive physician network allows
your injured employees to receive expert care close to where they live and work.

Specialty Bill Review

Our specialty bill review services offer a detailed audit of complex medical billings and a specialized negotiation approach on appropriate cases. Compared to traditional repricing methods, specialty bill review achieves additional savings through the use of:

Certified coder reviews

  • Clinical audits by nurse auditors and physician advisers
  • Professional negotiators assigned to any bill over $2500
  • Comprehensive hospital bill audits and reviews
  • Review and negotiation of complex medical bills such as trauma, surgery,
    home health care and surgical implants


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