Utilization Review

Physician Driven

Utilization Review                                     Click for 2015 100% Utilization Review Audit Results

  • ACS_UR_GraphicArissa’s innovative UR software platform uses advanced medical algorithms
  • All reviews are conducted by our on-site physicians
  • UR system effectively automates the approval process
  • The UR software has automated evidence based medical guidelines; MTUS, ACOEM, ODG and the REED Group
  • On-site medical director
  • Customized client protocols
  • Custom reporting
  • EDI integration with vendor claims, bill review, and ancillary vendor systems


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Pursuant to Labor Code Section 4610, Arissa Cost Strategies will conduct Utilization Review consistent with the regulations contained in Labor Code Section 4610 and Title 8. Industrial Relations, Division 1. Department of Industrial Relations, Chapter 4.5 Division of Workers’ Compensation, Subchapter 1. Administrative Director – Administrative Rules, Article 5.5.1 Utilization Review Standards and 8 CCR Section 9792.6 et seq.