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Case Management

casem_new_picArissa Cost Strategies’ medical case management services (telephonic and field based) are provided by highly trained registered nurses. Our nurses are skilled at handling common work related injuries to the more severe injuries and medical conditions that can occur in a work environment. Their experience and knowledge of the local medical providers, suppliers, facilities, and community resources enable them to control costs and quickly move cases to successful resolution.

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Our nurse case managers have a variety of accreditation’s to include Certified Case Manager (CCM), Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse (CRRN), Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS) and Certified Occupational Health Nurse. Arissa’s nurse case managers follow URAC Case Management Standards as well as CMSA Standards of Practice.

cm_review_website_download_graphicThe functions that can be performed by Nurse Case Managers include:

  • Initial Assessments and Recommendations: The Nurse Case Manager assesses the injured worker’s condition, treatment and prognosis, then develops recommendations to overcome potential barriers to recovery. In addition, the Nurse Case Manager helps to ensure treatment protocols are being followed
  • Early Return to Work Coordination: The Nurse Case Manager coordinates between the physician and employer to facilitate return to work as soon as medically appropriate
  • Medical Treatment Clarification and Coordination: The Nurse Case Manager confirms the appropriateness of treatment, encourages more cost effective alternatives and coordinates care among the various providers
  • Assistance in determining causality and compensability: Our research and medical investigation can give the adjuster valuable information for determining compensability
  • Price negotiations with non-network providers: When services outside the
    designated network are needed, our knowledge of local medical communities
    and price negotiations help reduce the cost of those treatments and supplies