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Focusing on high quality medical Focusing on high quality medical care for injured workers and managing costs, Arissa offers our clients the Arissa MPN, covering all of California.

With years of experience, Arissa administers all aspects of the MPN to meet the State of California’s regulatory requirements which includes managing the network of providers, meeting access standards, assisting injured workers locate appropriate physicians, providing a web site provider directory and creating State regulated notices.

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mpn_website_download_graphicIn the majority of cases, MPNs allow
the insurer or self-insured employer to have
complete medical control for the entire time
an employee is injured.


For an additional cost Arissa can also create, administer and file custom MPN’s with the State of California to meet the specific individual needs of our clients. Arissa will work with our clients to select the best providers available in their geographic area(s) that are suited for the types of work related injures experienced by their employees. In addition, Arissa can administer existing MPN’s to ensure State regulatory requirements are met.